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Online Magazine for Classical Studies

History, Philology, Archaeology, Philosophy etc

What is PNEVMA.GR ?

PNEVMA.GR, ("Pnevma" or "Pneuma" in greek means Intellect, Spirit, Mentality) is the online Magazine for the students of the Faculty of Philosophy, which is one of the oldest schools of the Athens University. It has answered a long-standing call of Philosophy scholars for a web portal that contains articles, studies, and a large amount of an up-to-date material, essential for everyone interested in clasical studies.

It comprises articles on history, archaeology, philology, philosophy, the greek language and other sciential objectives that belong to the wide range of Humanitarian or Classical Studies. The functionality of the PNEVMA.GR's unique web structure, with subfolders and hyperlinks will make it an indispensable tool and an unchallenged starting point for every student.

Furthermore, by incorporating extensive historical materials, such as "This history" or useful advice, such as "Tips for writing a diploma thesis or an under-graduate assignment" and "Book suggestions", this online magazine contributes to providing the students of the Faculty of Philosophy with a meeting point in the vast space of internet.

We are challenged to urge all the under- and post-graduate students of the Faculty of Philosophy to participate in this effort.

We regret to inform our visitors with mother-tongues others than greek, that for the present, only the greek version of PNEVMA.GR will be working and regularly updated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions or comments regarding our website. We greatly value feedback and energetic support from everyone interested in classical studies and the greek history and language.

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